Dance Feet

Dance Class Schedule

Sign up for dance classes at KAST Academy today. We offer dance training in ballet, hip-hop, tap, and more. To register for a class, please contact us via email.

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  • Keith Turk (KT)
  • Summer Turk (KT)

Dress Code:

  • Ballet (Girls)
    Black leotard, pink tights or skin toned.
    -Shoes: Pink or skin toned ballet slipper.
  • Ballet (Boys)
    White or black T-shirt, black shorts or fitted sweats.
    -Shoes: Black or white slipper.
  • Contemporary, Jazz & Tap
    Fitted top and bottoms.
    -Shoes: Half soles, jazz shoes, split sole tap shoes.
  • Hip Hop
    Loose or comfortable clothing.
    -Shoes: Tennis shoe/Sneaker.

Pricing / Policy:

  • 1 Class: $69.00/Month
    Virtual: $79.00/Month
  • 2 Classes: $125.00/Month
    Virtual: $135.00/Month
  • 3 Classes: $150.00/Month
    Virtual: $160.00/Month
  • 4 Classes: $199.00/Month
    Virtual: $209.00/Month
  • Unlimited: $225.00/Month
    Virtual: $235.00/Month
  • Drop-Ins: $15.00

*Tuition is due at the first of each month. You may ask for autopay and also pay with cash, check, Cash App and Venmo. Ask about our sibling discounts.

*The displayed fees are discounted rates and require membership with automatic payment.

*The schedule is subject to change at any time.

*You must pre-register before attending. A minimum of four registered students are required for classes to start.